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Gospel Teambuilding

Let your employees spend time together having fun by singing easy gospel songs for 1 or 2 hours. With the help of Anders Butenko, your company will be turned into a swinging gospel choir in no time with Gospel Teambuilding!

Gospel Teambuilding


“Joy” is the keyword you will come away with when Anders Butenko helps everyone sing along with some easy gospel songs. Before you know it, people will be singing in parts and sound like a real gospel choir.

Gospel Teambuilding can be used in any company for any occasion. It might be for a kick-off event, a day of teaching, a party, or any other event. Anyone can join, and the time span can be from half an hour up to 2 hours. We can tailor the programme to your exact needs. It can be held in English or Danish.

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The instructor

Anders Butenko is Danish, and he is one of the most popular gospel choir directors in Denmark. Every week, he leads two of Denmark’s biggest gospel choirs – totaling about 700 singers. He works together with the best choir directors, singers, musicians, and producers in the industry. He has led more than 200 Teambuilding jobs in both Denmark and other countries since 2007.

When Anders Butenko leads Gospel Teambuilding, you see a professional, experienced choir leader who is well prepared and charismatic. Anders is entertaining and uses songs that everyone can easily sing along to. Since Anders is standing in front of 700 choir singers every week, he has experience and a strength that is seen in very few choir leaders. Should you choose Anders Butenko for your next teambuilding event, you will be making a good, safe choice.


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